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This acronym, which is becoming increasingly stronger in the market since it translates the employer brand’s identity and promise of value, encompasses our 100% exclusive methodology that can look for inputs from different perspectives.

Identity basis of the employer brand

Our focus

  • EVP (employee value proposition)
  • EVP tropicalization
  • EVP Book
  • EVP review
  • Brand personas.

Our differentials

  • Our own methodology created in partnership with Smartcommns
  • Quantitative research and labs 100% developed for the thematic approach
  • We use the definitions created by Universum, a global reference
  • Internal squad dedicated to the subject, with the participation of expert squads for the digital, activations, and campaign areas
  • We have completed 39 projects of this size

Since 2015, Air has projects to discover the essence of the value proposal of the employer brand.

We work with clients of different sizes, industries, and regions and, more than that, clients facing completely different challenges.

For whom have we worked?

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Our address

Rua Tupi, 238 - Santa Cecília
São Paulo, SP - CEP 01233-001

Our address

Rua Tupi, 238 - Santa Cecília
São Paulo, SP - CEP 01233-001