Attraction campaigns?

That’s with Air.

Attraction campaigns

For a unique connection experience between the talent and the company – empowering the employer brand – you can count on the power of our plural and diverse team that works both providing consulting services and as a campaign agency.

The internship and trainee seasons have become a great display for the employer brand, and they bring the entire strategy and brand positioning to light. As each year and challenge go by, we become even better experts in bringing the trends and differentials to this type of project.

Our focus

  • Internship
  • Trainee
  • Large volumes
  • Affirmative and diversity campaigns
  • Persona activation
  • Special projects

Our differentials

  • Creation of an exclusive squad for each client, which is focused during the entire campaign

  • From the creative idea, through the execution and assessment of results. We stay with our client at every moment.

  • Diversity and inclusion. You can count on our Centre to support and help you make decisions.

  • Influencers and media, a squad that can create a buzz through influence and do the best with your investment.

For whom have we worked?

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Our address

Rua Tupi, 238 - Santa Cecília
São Paulo, SP - CEP 01233-001

Our address

Rua Tupi, 238 - Santa Cecília
São Paulo, SP - CEP 01233-001